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Better together: why SOC.OS and Provision Infotech are teaming up

AUGUST 24, 2021


SOC.OS not only adds value for internal infosec teams directly, but also for IT managed service providers (MSPs). One of the most exciting partnerships we’ve struck recently was with Canadian MSP, Provision Infotech. Together, we’re helping deliver effective security operations (SecOps) to make the digital world safer for our joint customers.

Canada calling

From its Calgary headquarters, Provision Infotech has seen first-hand the challenges facing oil and gas companies operating in western Canada. It’s an industry under increasing scrutiny from financially motivated and state-backed attackers, hunting for sensitive information and ways to disrupt operations. A catastrophic ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline and the US fuel supply chain in May 2021 is a recent and frightening example of the lengths that threat actors are prepared to go to monetise their malicious efforts.

We know that cyber criminals do not discriminate based on size and shape of an organisation and in fact, no organisation is entirely immune to digital attacks. That’s why Provision Infotech is driven to expand its security services to other sectors, with security monitoring, training and awareness programmes, pen testing and more.

Forward together

Provision Infotech and SOC.OS share the same vision. We want to see greater collaboration and threat intelligence sharing across the public and private sectors. We need to recognise that there are relatively few defenders out there, versus many threat actors using whatever means necessary to inflict damage. 

Closer cooperation is important because that’s what the bad guys do to great effect. But it only works if you have accurate, high-quality data to share in the first place. That’s where SOC.OS helps, by spotting the signal within the noise to help SecOps teams prioritise response and remediation. It’s the value we offer our customers. And pretty soon, it will help Provision Infotech and many providers like them to reduce cyber risk for their own clients.

We’re excited to see our partnership flourish.

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