Navigating the ransomware storm: a new webinar

AUGUST 24, 2021


Few cyber-threats in recent years have focused the minds of boardrooms and governments quite as acutely as ransomware. That’s because of the outsized impact it’s having not only on individual organisations but critical infrastructure and even national security.

A panel of experts from SOC.OS, BAE Systems and The Intelligence Network are coming together to offer their advice for organisations, in a new webinar on Wednesday September 15th. Registration for the event is now open here.

A cyber pandemic

According to IDC, over a third of global organisations have experienced a ransomware attack or breach over the past year. High-profile attacks have impacted oil pipelines and food supply chains in the US, closed schools and universities in the UK, and caused billions of pounds in damage and disruptionacross the globe. But behind these headline attacks and multimillion-pound ransom demands, ordinary enterprises and SMEs are being compromised every day.

An emerging Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) model has democratised the means to launch attacks. A network of affiliate groups share the spoils of attacks with ransomware developers. Networks are typically accessed through SpearPhishing or Remote Desktop Protocol compromise. Lateral movement through the “host” network makes use of Advanced Persistent Threat-style techniques to move and escalate privileges without getting caught.

To force payment, groups exfiltrate and threaten to leak data, literally holding it to ransom. They may even launch follow-on DDoS attacks.

As long as organisations continue to pay ransoms and attacks continue to bear fruit, there’s no end to the ransomware pandemic in sight.

What you’ll learn

Fortunately, there are things you can do to mitigate the risk of a compromise, and minimise the damage if, or rather, when, a breach occurs. Our joint webinar will feature unique data-driven insights from a formidable line-up of experts including:

James Muir - Operational Cyber Researcher from BAE Systems, and The Intelligence Network’s ransomware lead.

Adrian Nish - Head of Cyber Propositions at BAE Systems.

David Mareels - CEO of SOC.OS.

Join us to learn more about:

  • The complexity and scale of the problem
  • What the threat intelligence data is telling us
  • What organisations can do to help navigate the storm

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