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SOC.OS Cyber Security Acquired by Sophos - Learn More

Why it’s time for MSPs to supercharge their SOC services in 2022

AUGUST 24, 2021


No-one can predict what might happen over the coming 12 months. But it’s a pretty safe bet that many of the trends that played out in 2021 will continue to shape the threat landscape and the MSP industry. That means more ransomware and data breaches, escalating state-backed attacks, and increased digital investment from end-user organisations, which will widen their cyber-attack surface. 

For MSPs this will open the door to new revenue opportunities as mid-sized firms struggle to extract value from existing SIEM and SOAR solutions. But only if they find the right platform to optimise analyst productivity. This is where SOC.OS could make all the difference in 2022.

The story so far

As we enter a new year, security operations (SecOps) teams have their backs against the wall. Struggling to manage the volume of alerts produced by multiple security solutions, they’re increasingly looking to outsource the challenge to expert third parties. But MSPs aren’t immune to industry skills shortages. They simply don’t have enough bodies to manage multiple SIEM and SOAR solutions for their clients. 

As one Canadian MSP customer told us recently:

“What appealed to us about SOC.OS is the ease of use, while remaining powerful. We’re an MSP with only 20 staff to service all our clients. We couldn’t afford to have a team of six security analysts just to run Splunk, Sentinel, and the like.”

With no way to prioritise alerts, organisations like are unable to add much value for their clients. Analysts spend hours chasing up dead ends while genuine alerts are missed.

Empowering your analysts

SOC.OS could supercharge your analysts for 2022. It takes data from all your security solutions, on-premises and in the cloud, and enriches it with third-party threat intelligence and relevant business context. Finally, it correlates these alerts into prioritised clusters for onward investigation. That’s a powerful solution for any MSP. It enables you to:

  • Optimise analyst productivity, and thus deliver a more effective solution to customers
  • Reduce analyst swivel-chairing so they can spend more time on higher value tasks 
  • Reduce analyst churn by empowering them to spend more time on investigations and less on repetitive manual tasks
  • Enable even your most junior analysts to triage alerts effectively with little to no training, enhancing mean time to respond/reason (MTTR)
  • Get to declaration of an incident much faster—accelerating response and recovery times to reduce the impact of a breach on customer networks
  • Maximise the ROI of customers’ current tool investment
  • Analyse and investigate all security telemetry to stitch a story together through time, reducing the risk of genuine alerts falling through the cracks
  • Benefit from a standardised (MITRE ATT&CK), data-driven view of threat detection coverage to inform future investments
  • Improve communication and alignment between operational technical teams and senior management (using MITRE as a common language)

Most importantly for MSP owners looking to drive business success in 2022, SOC.OS is a cost-effective offering which opens up new opportunities in the mid-market. IT bosses in this segment are increasingly frustrated by over-powered, complex SIEM and SOAR solutions which are too expensive and require too much hands-on management. 

SOC.OS is highly scalable and simple to use, with over 30 out-of-the-box security tool integrations. It’s quick and easy to onboard for customers, requiring no ongoing maintenance or complex query languages to learn. It’s 2022. It’s time for something new in your SOC.


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