Designed and developed with the needs of a stretched IT security team at its core. SOC.OS is a SaaS-based security alert investigation and triage tool. Its correlation capability reduces triage volumes by 90%, maximising analyst productivity.

Reimagine Security Operations.


How it works

1. Collect

Alerts are collected in to single platform, from on-premise and cloud tools. SOC.OS is able to reduce triage volumes by more than 95%, achieving a 10x time saving for you and your team.

2. Enrich

External threat intelligence allows you to identify attackers. Add contextual business data* to protect critical assets. Fast forward your investigations with all the knowledge of an experienced analyst.

3. Prioritised

Reduce your workload by highlighting correlated events through intelligent scoring and triaging. Separate the signal from the noise and make data-driven decisions.

4. Investigate

Interrogate the data across all your cyber products with powerful search capability. Surface your threats and patterns quickly with an intuitive interface.

5. Report

Real-time dashboards let you monitor your attack surface. Consolidated reports improve your security posture.

Know your strengths.
Understand your weaknesses.

MITRE ATT&CK® is natively incorporated into SOC.OS’s correlation engine and reporting capability. Our correlation algorithm automatically categorises each alert, to create a common language across all your alerting tools. 


Super fast onboarding
looks like this.


Integration with on-premise tools through a secure syslog forwarder deployed on your network.


Multiple cloud-based sources are supported. We can integrate with most sources, allowing SOC.OS to automatically poll or stream alerts. If your product is not on our supported list just let us know.


In order to correctly classify your network traffic, all that is needed is a few key details, such as IP ranges and internal domains. Our record setup time is two minutes, but we recommend an hour!

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