Release Notes

New data grid functionality, cluster overview panel, improved “Suggested Search” terms and new integration.

September 2021: Part 2

Wiki updates, migration of cloud sources ingestion and new integrations.

September 2021

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New Cluster Timeframe Filtering sample

New advanced Search, time-based filtering of clusters, new security tool integrations.

August 2021

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SOC.OS Wiki Landing Page Screengrab

Improved cluster visualisation performance, SOC.OS Wiki and new integrations.

June 2021

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New Workbench Detail

New Search functionality, interactive wallboards, new activity timeline.

May 2021

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SOC.OS Tagging Help Screen Modal

Additional help screens, Auth0 integration and AWS ingestion.

January 2021

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Active Clusters Screen

Partial cluster loading, and alert development histogram.

December 2020

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SOC.OS UI Upgrade

UI Upgrade, improved login, and new integrations.

November 2020

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AbuseIPDB Context Screen

AbuseIPDB, new tag widget behaviour and Redis.

October 2020

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SOC.OS Wallboard

User wallboard, user managed business context tagging.

September 2020

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business context tagging view

Business context widget and new connectors for new integrations.

July 2020

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